Company profile

Copperpillar Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2013 as a consulting and management firm to handle the ever-changing priorities and needs of the telecommunications industry. The founding principals developed the firm based on extensive experience in an industry that demands fast paced solutions and an ability to adapt swiftly to customer’s needs and expectations.

Parlaying this success, Copperpillar expanded into new markets with a broad spectrum of innovative technologies and a network of highly vetted industry experts to answer the challenges of a variety of industry clients.

Relying on our signature program optimization and project management system, Copperpillar is realizing exceptional growth and diversification with success across numerous markets. With a broad reach of telecommunication clients, Fortune 500, federal and state government entities, Copperpillar continues to offer a customized and highly reliable process to replicate profitable projects nationally and internationally. The guiding principles of a clearly defined scope that addresses our client’s needs, guidance through the project life and clear and succinct communication throughout is the key to a successful project, every time.

Core Capabilities

Key Markets Served