Copperpillar values the importance of efficient operations for our telecommunications customers. With precise project plans and efficient execution, we ensure that challenging deadlines are met within budget and quality expected of this fast paced industry.

Copperpillar excels in the telecommunications industry with core services that enable our clients to meet the fast-paced demands and deadlines of this unique industry. Working in tandem with internal project managers, Copperpillar formulates a program based on our seven-step process to clearly establish goals, project plans, schedules and tracking systems while clearing hurdles that are inherent when managing a multitude of vendors and solution providers. Past performance dictates that this level of intervention saves time helping our customers to meet critical deadlines resulting in a more profitable and successful project both on a regional and national scale.

Valued Services

  • Solutions based Project Consultation
  • Program Optimization
  • Customized Project Plans
  • Succinct Material and Vendor Procurement and Scheduling
  • Quality Site Audits
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Vendor Capacity Build and Coordination
  • Specialty Tracking to interface with Enterprise Systems
  • Comprehensive Closeout Packages and Reports
  • Onboarding of Vendors and Subcontractors
  • Problem Solving and Project Execution
  • Scalable and Repeatable Processes for Quality Control
  • “Boutique” Approach to meet the Customer’s Needs with 100 % Satisfaction