Commercial Solutions

Copperpillar understands the challenges that Fortune 500 companies face to execute successful and profitable projects on time and within budget. With the addition of small business inclusion requirements, internal resources are often stretched too thin and deadlines are missed or budgets overrun. With our systematic approach, Copperpillar works in tandem with our customer and their diversity vendors to clear hurdles, meet demanding schedules and secure profitability on a national and international level.

Copperpillar parlays the skills perfected through over forty years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry to onboard and project manage outside vendors and subcontractors to ensure a well-run project. From vetting potential vendors to building consistent scopes of work and managing large groups of vendors, Copperpillar works in concert with the diversity inclusion staff as well to deliver consistent quality projects delivered on time and within budget, every time.

Unique Services

  • Customized training/onboarding programs for new vendors
  • Creative programs to ensure successful launch of emerging technologies through small business vendors
  • Detailed intake documents for consistent data collection
  • Customized site audits documents for standardized vendor reporting
  • Clearly defined scope of work and vendor responsibility to minimize change orders
  • Program optimization to ensure maximum return with well trained and managed vendors
  • Specialty market optimization techniques to encourage capacity building for diversity inclusion
  • Detailed tracking and consistent closeout packages reported by each vendor

Featured Commercial Solution

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