Project Management

Copperpillar specializes in managing unique and challenging projects that require attention to detail and accurate reporting. With adherence to principles that were developed over forty years in the telecommunications industry, Copperpillar follows the same protocol to meet the requirements of federal, state and local government guidelines that relate to a successful project, every time.

Copperpillar deploys the consistently successful services of program optimization and “boutique” project management to local, state and federal agencies which includes NGO’s and nonprofits, nationally and internationally. With the same seven step process that is a signature of every project, we provide solutions by judiciously defining challenges and providing reliable solutions that are repeatable and highly vetted to ensure success.

Value Engineered Options

  • Evaluation of key government trends and requirements
  • Establishment in government portals, capability statements and key registrations with agencies
  • Specialized programs to include GSA schedule placement
  • Sole source procurement vehicles
  • Value Add Reseller programs
  • Capacity build for diversity inclusion and onboarding for vendors
  • Customized intake documents and site audits
  • Solutions based project management
  • Efficient and customized tracking systems to integrate in legacy systems
  • Detailed closeout packages to ensure quality control

Featured Government Solution

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