Business Continuity
& Resiliency

Copperpillar realizes the significance of business continuity and emergency preparedness as a key component of a readiness plan across all markets and disciplines. In coordination with industry experts, Copperpillar offers tools to ensure a sustainable and secure environment with reliable options in case of an emergency or disruption of service.

Copperpillar tackles the challenges that our customers face when communication and power are comprised by preparing for disasters with sutainable solutions. By integrating existing technology or new product development championed by Copperpillar, customers are afforded emergency back up options when service is interrupted. Utilizing a well vetted reseller organization and our signature seven step process, Copperpillar develops and manages executable plans that mitigate risks and ensure business continuity.

Valued Services

  • Research and development of emerging technologies to support communication and energy needs
  • “Beta manufacturing” to guide a product from development to market penetration
  • Engagement of industry experts for specialized technical and market support
  • Highly detailed scope of work for manufacturing set up and expansion
  • Quality replication of well-designed programs for national and international scalability
  • Pilot projects for successful market introduction
  • Interface with federal, state and local governing agencies to maintain clear directives
  • Program optimization to address critical concerns and resiliency needs
  • Thorough project planning and scope of work to minimize change orders
  • Coordination of vendors and subcontractors with customized project management
  • Closeout packages and quality assurance on a national and international basis

Featured Resiliency Solution