Featured Solutions

A key to Copperpillar’s success is our level of training and experience gained from working with large firms yet innovative and agile response to customer challenges as a boutique firm. Whether designing specialty programs with unique technical and financial features or identifying niche opportunities, Copperpillar excels at helping our customers reach solutions that can be replicated nationally and internationally.

Featured Solutions:

  • EMPunity, a product specifically designed and manufactured in response to an unmet need in the emergency response market to provide lifesaving communication equipment when conventional cellular service is unavailable.
  • Powered By the Sun, Built by a Hero, a program that envelopes the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit and features the engagement of Veteran Owned Firms, nationally.
  • Executive Order Response a program that combines several renewable technologies under one umbrella to meet federal government energy reduction goals and maintain a healthy ROI.