EMPunity - Resiliency & <br> Business Continuity

EMPunity, a mobile command center that provides WIFI, cellular phone and satellite communications services, exemplifies Copperpillar’s expertise in beta manufacturing and new product development. Based on a gap in the resiliency and business continuity markets for reliable communication, Copperpillar answered an unmet need and perfected the performance of an existing design to ensure reliable performance and a scalable manufacturing plan. In addition, the team developed a marketing strategy, collateral and value add reseller program to ensure a successful launch.

Development Highlights

  • In-house facilities that include specialty equipment for prototype construction and testing
  • Optimization led by leadership team with additional industry expertise on a contract basis
  • Clearly defined manufacturing scope for prototype and scalable production
  • Well established operations/maintenance schedule and warranty program defined for new product launch
  • Specialty finance and lease agreements established to serve all budgets
  • Ongoing product improvement and innovation to address specific market needs of emergency response professionals
  • Marketing collateral and new market strategy defined to achieve maximum market penetration