Powered by the Sun

“Powered by the Sun, Built by a Hero” is a program that couples veteran owned companies with reliable renewable technology providers to implement solutions nationwide. Each project under the banner of “Powered by the Sun, Built by a Hero” begins with a well-defined scope developed by industry experts and follows with an organized and efficient bid process with quality veteran vendors. With strict adherence to this process, customers realize cost savings, efficient project execution and wise use of diversity spend. Emphasis on renewable technologies is the primary focus of the program with solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies as the core solutions. Combining the expertise of highly experienced veteran firms that are members and a local veteran workforce, the program delivers quality and cost savings nationwide.

Program Highlights

  • Efficient and Effective program and project management to maximize diversity spend budget
  • Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned and/or local veteran workforce engaged for all projects
  • Solutions driven by industry experts with quality renewable technologies deployed nationally
  • Highly defined warranty and maintenance programs including many US manufacturers
  • Specialized funding options including public private partnerships, equipment lease and power purchase agreements
  • Integration and coordination with utility providers to maximize incentives and rebates
  • Well established safety and quality assurance programs

Copperpillar Consulting, Inc. Copperpillar, a consulting firm based in Irvine, California, provides a proprietary process optimization program to ensure efficient and professional multi-site/national footprint programs. Through extensive planning, precise program management and quality audits, clients are ensured efficient and consistent profitable results for national programs. Customers consistently realize significant savings bringing projects in on time and with quality assurance. Copperpillar engages a wide range of industry experts and highly vetted small business teaming partners to ensure a quality nationwide program with consistent results and maximum return on investment, every time.

Athena Construction Group, Inc. Athena Construction Group, an AMEX award winning SDVOSB, Hubzone, WOSB, and recently awarded 8a firm provides an unmatched level of professional expertise in construction and project implementation. With unparalleled experience and expertise in construction management, degrees in multiple disciplines of engineering and efficiency in six foreign languages, this highly valued teaming partner ensures a best practices approach to every project. With certifications in OSHA 30, USACE CQM, ASHE, ICRA and LEED, Athena ensures an exemplary level of quality control and efficient project execution that is unmatched in the industry.

APB & Associates, Inc. is a DBE, SDVOSB, Minority-owned firm that specializes in management consulting, technical training and compliance solutions that help solve the complex business challenges of Fortune 500 and Government Agencies nationwide. Services include supply chain management, program management, cloud-based data collection, data management and contractor capacity building services for small business and diversity including programming. Based in Cleveland, OH with offices in Washington, D.C. and strategic warehouse distribution facilities in Mexico, NC, KY and MI, APB& Associates offers global manufacturers and their suppliers an efficient 3rd party logistics (3PL) and quality control of industrial material.

Robra Construction, LLCRobra, a highly vetted construction services and management firm, delivers a well-established and highly successful list of projects centered on quality design and implementation. With a thorough knowledge of government contracting and strict adherence to policies, procedures and contracting, Robra adds a depth to the program that ensures quality control and excellence in federal contracting and implementation.

Venergy Group, LLC Venergy is a nationally recognized Energy Consulting, General Construction Company and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) certified by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Venergy is passionate about hiring OEF/OIF Combat Veterans with more than 80 percent of positions filled with Veterans, retired military and current active National Guard members and their families. Hiring veterans provides Venergy with quality leadership skills, management skills and the military “Can Do” work ethic.

Wooster Engineering, provides expertise in microgrid design and electrical engineering and affords technical oversight for emerging renewable technologies integrated into the program. As the director of Engineering for the Stone Edge Farms Microgrid project with experience as lessons continue to emerge, Wooster strives to ensure integrity and efficient use of natural resources as a underlying directive of projects pursued.

The Ovation™ distributed control system is a product of Emerson’s vast experience in process control for the power generation industry. Ovation utilizes commercially available, off-the-shelf technology to provide a powerful and secure architecture while allowing your system to easily progress with rapidly advancing computer technologies. Ovation provides a seamless interface with the most widely adopted bus standards allowing you to incorporate smart device technologies into your process. Ovation’s embedded advanced algorithms and proven industry-specific control routines assure that you can optimize your operations to maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability.

SolarHot, LLC , a renewable energy manufacturer and solutions provider based in the Triangle area of North Carolina draws on over years of manufacturing, sourcing, distribution and engineering experience to uniquely deliver exceptional products to the renewable energy market. With a staff that includes a registered Professional Engineer and international sourcing team , SolarHot is committed to scouring the globe to make sure the products we offer are the best quality available with the highest level of technical design expertise, without exception.

Expo Energy & Environmental, Inc. is consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia staffed by certified energy managers that advise national, multi-location accounts including governmental, commercial, industrial and institutional customers on financial and technical issues related to electric, gas and water utilities and energy deregulation. Expo develops energy management strategies for clients and assists them in purchasing electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets. Thorough analysis and technical audits have substantially reduced clients’ energy costs by lowering energy consumption, tariff & contract negotiation, and competition in deregulated markets.

Metamorphosis Energy is a clean energy company providing renewable energy solutions for commercial, institutional and governmental customers. The Metamorphosis team is uniquely able to customize and monetize financial structures to the mutual benefit of joint venture partners including private/public partnerships. We are able to successfully source capital and structure multiple project financial packages to bring large scale projects to fruition while maximizing the benefits of all parties involved.

K.O.I Research, LLC, a sales and consultancy firm headquartered in Bodega Bay, CA, discovers new, innovative technologies, which improve performance for users who have critical requirements for component reliability and continuity. Users include such entities as First Responders, the Space and Aviation Community, Department of Defense, Law Enforcement Agencies, private sector and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). With over 45 years of expertise in engineering and IT services including 25 years with SAIC with an eventual position as Corporate Vice President, the founding manager has a significant grasp on federal contracting and navigates projects efficiently and effectively through the procurement process.