Teaming Partners:
◆Native Owned

Trade Organizations:

GSA Schedule Pending

Markets Served

◆ Commercial Clients including Fortune 500 with concentration In telecommunications and business continuity

◆ State Government Entitles providing construction management for small business vendors

◆ Federal Government Branches to integrate resilience solutions and P3 programs

◆ NGO’s and Non Profit Entities for diversification and vendor training

◆ Utilities including power and water resources with small business construction management

◆Investment and Venture Capital Firms for product optimization and market development

Company Overview

Copperpillar Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2013 firm to handle the ever-changing priorities and needs of the telecommunications industry. The founding principles developed the firm based on extensive experience in an industry that demands an ability to adapt swiftly to customer’s needs and expectations.

Parlaying this success, Copperpillar expanded into a variety of industries and technologies utilizing the same principles of extensive planning, precise project management and thorough project documentation/review to ensure customer success.


Copperpillar maintains a lean and highly vetted professional staff thoroughly trained and well-versed in a Seven-Step project management program. Services include but are not limited to the following skills:

◆ Thorough site assessment for existing and emerging technologies
◆ Detailed scope of work with visual aids to avoid change orders
◆ Vendor onboarding and training for quality control
◆ Prioritization of sites and succinct implementation schedules
◆ Customized tracking programs
◆ Comprehensive closeout packages
◆ Protection of existing warranties and adherence to OSHA safety rules
◆ Maintenance protocols and cyber security measurement and verification

Innovative Product Optimization and Market Development:

◆ Seven-Step proprietary methodology to ensure reliability and commercialization
◆ Third-party experts for technical and market knowledge
◆ Construction of prototype with in-house machine shop
◆ Supply chain sourcing and manufacturing plan
◆ Clear and efficient scope of work for demonstration project
◆ Proficient plan for national scale including vendor identification
◆ Quality control for reliable product replication
◆ Comprehensive maintenance and operations programs


A key to Copperpillar’s success is the consistent, thorough yet customized approach to every project. In doing so, Copperpillar delivers a focused and efficient solution to customer challenges. By engaging experts with specific technical and market knowledge, Copperpillar affords the “best of breed” and is “Distinctive and Additive in Everything We Do”.


Capability Statement